A Costa Rican Saturday: Organic Seeds + 8th Annual Whale & Dolphin Festival

A Costa Rican Saturday: Organic Seeds + 8th Annual Whale & Dolphin Festival

Along with our friends from Girl in the Raw, we spent the morning taking a glimpse into the Vegan lifestyle at the Organic Annual Seed festival in Tinamaste, Costa Rica, where we learned about the benefits of growing your own organic fruits and vegetables, enjoyed some serious good eats, and picked up some Mangosteen superfood.  (pictured below)





We then headed over to our days’ main attraction: The 8th Annual Whale and Dolphin Festival.

If you’ve ever been to Costa Rica, chances are you traveled to Dominical or Uvita where the beaches are untouched and the views are 360 degrees of perfection. Uvita is known for its Ballena Marine National Park (Bahia Ballena) and their famous Whale’s tail.  Located about an hour south of Manuel Antonio, it is part of the National Marine Whale Park.  The ecosystem of the park protects the whale-breeding grounds and the Whale’s Tail itself is a result of the currents that meet, which creates a perfect bird’s-eye view of a whale’s tail.  Almost a year ago, we walked out to the end of the tail before the tides met and witnessed the feel of walking on water.


The Whale tour prices include a two-hour boat tour of the Ballena Marine National Park, park entrance fee, water and fresh fruit (which was delicious!) Note it does not include transportation to the park. (Credit card is accepted for everything but the park entrance fee)

We opted for the 2-hour tour instead of a private 3 hour tour with a local that was offered to us upon our arrival.  Tour operators offer boat tours departing every two hours between 7 a.m. and 3 p.m.  We were one of the last groups to go out at 3:00 PM, which also gave us the pleasure of seeing the sunset through the clouds on the Pacific.

We were prepped in Spanish and off we went with ten other people, two guides, and some choppy water.


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A little weary of what we were getting ourselves into, we took it all in and had an incredible time! We saw 16 different whales during our tour alone.  Although we didn’t catch any dolphins, we did see a full hour of breaching whales, baby whales, and even up-close encounters where we were just feet away from all of the action! The guides were incredibly informative and answered all of our curiosities.

The festival also includes live bands, tons of Costa Rican keepsakes for purchase, and a taste of the local culture.  Surrounded by restaurants and lively nightlife, the festival caters to all types of tourists and locals.

More information is available pn the festival’s website: www.festivaldeballenasydelfines.com







If you’re ever in the area when this festival takes place, we recommend not to miss it!