There were only a few places we had in mind for our honeymoon and of course Africa won.  Not only was Africa on our bucket list, but for obvious reasons it was a once-in-a-lifetime trip.  The more people who asked us, “why Africa?” The more reasons we came up with why it would be the best honeymoon ever.  Sure, we could’ve opted for another few weeks in Aruba but one of us could only handle the beach for so long (clue: it’s not the Greek half of #stan).  We went the complete opposite direction and turned our honeymoon into an adventure we would never forget.

The first half of the trip is an experience we play over and over in our heads.  We opted for a two-week safari in Kruger National Park.

We spent our days riding in a safari jeep riding around for 8 hours a day hanging out with some of the most amazing wildlife in the world. And not the animals you see in the zoo, these are free animals and you are a visitor in their world.

We spent our nights in our luxury hut being pampered to the extreme.  We will surely never forget the amazing staff and service.  We felt like royalty in every which way.



Next we went to Cape Town, South Africa.  Now, if you are the “adventure type”, this is your destination. The best way to describe Cape town is a European-ish meets san Francisco-ish type atmosphere split in half by Table Mountain and reaching out into great white shark patrolled waters. We figured our first time driving on the opposite side of the road should be in Africa, you know the sang, when in Rome. We opted for the full insurance and peeled out of the rental car facility with our go-pro and map in hand. Talk about a scenic drive! We visited penguin beach, the southern cape, ate lunch at a restaurant that overlooked where the two oceans met, and almost got car-jacked… by a gang of baboons doing an Irish jig on the hood of the car. We capped of the day with dinner at the Codfather which is still the most fulfilling (and coolest) restaurant we’ve ever eaten at.

We spent our days walking the streets of Cape town down to the waterfront, popping into stores and street market booths along the way. We daydreamed about buying a condo on the waterfront while we shared a giant chocolate muffin fresh from a bakery along the way, I mean seriously with the conversion rate you could have a beautiful two-bedroom luxury condo overlooking the ocean for less then 50k - its very tempting! But then you remember it took a full 24-hours of flying and an extra day to recover from the jet lag.

Africa was a life changing event for us, it changed the way in which not only we viewed the outside world but also how we view ourselves in the world. We even went to shark alley, where the film Shark week and viewed great white sharks from a cage. You can take everything away from us - all of our money and earthly possessions, even our freedom, but you can’t take Africa from us. You can’t take the experiences and memories that we made there, those will stay with us forever and make us smile when we are having a bad day. You can’t put a price on that, its invaluable.