Croatia was the biggest surprise to our travels.  Its location is unique, situated on the Adriatic Sea completed surrounded by amazing views laced with history and culture.  For starters, the people are some of the friendliest and most genuine we came across. Croatia has the most beautiful water we’ve ever seen, and that’s after spending two weeks exploring Thailand’s beaches. Its just awesomely different. Its not turquoise and its not sandy, its just the clearest, purest blue you’ve ever seen hovering over a bed of finely polished, marble-sized pebbles. I’m sure you’ve seen the google images of a boat hovering in the water with its shadow beneath, but trust us its better in person. It was winter so unfortunately we didn’t get to see it in all its glory but there were definitely benefits to visiting in the off-season.

Everything was less expensive which allowed us to get better accommodations under our budget and of course the obvious that we pretty much had Croatia all to ourselves. We spent our days exploring the walls of old Dubrovnik, road tripping, and, as the Croatians do, taking many expresso breaks along the way. One of the coolest things we found was a blue cave off the coast of Split, also known as Odysseus cave. The large tour boats were closed for the season so we frantically googled for a private tour or guide that would be willing to take us to this cave, just for an hour or so and back. After literally 3 hours of searching we didn’t even have a single lead.

It was then, because of this inability of ours to find a local person willing to provide a custom service, that our idea was born. I can’t give you the details yet as we are still building our parachute, but I can promise you it will change the way in which we travel and experience things, at the absolute least you will find someone to take you to that awesome cave you want to see!

What we learned from Croatia: Stay a while.  Drink their coffee. Immerse yourself in their culture.  Have a café with a local and enjoy the conversation.  It is a magnificent place with lots of hidden gems that have yet to be truly explored.