After a lifetime of dreaming about the islands of Greece and visiting the city of Athens, it meant the most that I was able to share it with my other half.  Greece did not only exceed my expectations but allowed me to feel at home and eat the best food I could ever imagine.

Many people asked us what Greece was like since they are bankrupt.  How did they act? Was it dangerous? Was it sad?  Let me be the first to tell you none of those are accurate.  The people of Greece were as happy as ever, celebrating life and living.

Athens was something I was not expecting.  The party never died.  Nightly dancing in the streets, graffiti on the walls, and crepes to die for, are few of the highlights we found in Athens.

We spent our nights under the Acropolis light, listening to locals’ rap to American hip hop in the square while fire performers, tourist, and locals danced and drank coffee until the early morning.

Every day was a Friday and was celebrated in the best known way possible.

When we took our thirty-minute flight to the island of Santorini, we met our Airbnb hosts in the airport.  They were the nicest, most inviting people we’ve ever met.  They accommodated us from the moment we met them until the day we left.  We admired their hospitality, which started with a dinner at their favorite local spot where we indulged in my favorite Greek dishes.  Their superb hosting did not end there.  We spent the next few days in awe at their private black-sand beach and nights in taverns, eating, drinking homemade sweet wine and talking about everything under the Santorini sun.

We had the whole island to explore on our own, since we were visiting during the off-season.  This was in our favor because only the best local spots stay open during the off-season.  We rented #stan’s favorite way of transportation, an ATV, and explored everywhere from the red-sand beaches on the other side of the island to the incredible town of Oia.  Oia is where many of the images of Santorini come from, where the blue and white painted buildings kiss the Mediterranean Sea.

There was one place we did not get a chance to visit, which was Shipwreck island, but we promised ourselves we would go back soon. Greece was such a dream come true for us and we can’t wait to go visit and see our lovely hosts again.