When you think of Italy, you think of food. Am I right? I’m going to be honest here, I’ve never really been into food like that.

Yeah, I eat it everyday and I like when things taste good but I’ve never truly understood “foodies” that can get so much pleasure from a meal and spend the next thirty minutes talking about the texture and combination of flavors they just experienced. But after spending time in Italy, especially after sixty days of not being able to pronounce what we were eating, I finally get it. The food really is that good and its everywhere you look. Seriously, you can’t walk a block without seeing food, its awesome. I had six salami sandwiches one day before lunch and I think they were $1 each, bravo!


We rented a car in Prague and drove to Italy, our first stop was Venice. Stephanie had visited before but I had not so this was just a “quickie” before we traveled south towards the Amalfi Coast. We spent an entire day cruising the canals, window shopping, and people watching. Venice is just something you have to experience yourself, there is no other place like it. The sky is a different color in Italy, purplish-blue that looks as though it was painted there. Or maybe I just think it looks painted because I frequent the Venetian in Vegas and it reminded me of their “re-creation”, they really did a great job I wish I had a picture of each to compare. Next time.

The next stop on our tour de Italia was our favorite, Florence. Ahh Florence you are such a beautiful city, inside and out. Your famous basilicas, picturesque bridges, and Tuscan countryside will never be forgotten. The people were amazing; such happy and friendly people (even when they were yelling). We found a small apartment on Airbnb in a local neighborhood and decided to try our hand at cooking. We stopped by the butcher for some fresh, homemade Italian sausage, next we hit a small family-run store for some fresh pasta, made-by-hand that day of course. Now a loaf of bread from the bakery and we were ready to have the neighbors over for some Sunday dinner.

Ok, maybe not yet since we were still using sauce in a jar, but its the little things in life and making dinner with fresh pasta and sausage in Florence brought us a sense of comfort and home that we needed.

Our last stop in Italy was Rome. I’ll try to keep it fresh and not talk about the things you may not hear so often about Rome. First thing that really stood out to me was the amount of graffiti, I don’t know why but I never pictured Rome as that urban of a city before. Graffiti is par for the course in my hometown Chicago, and one of my favorite forms of art by the way, but I just wasn’t expecting it to be there. This seems to be a dying art form in the states but I can assure you it is alive and well in Rome!

All in all, Italy was an amazing place to visit and we’d love to go back again soon.  I know we say this about many of our travel destinations, but I believe Italy is somewhere you should visit every few years if possible!