The “new Amsterdam,” we were told, certainly lived up to our expectations, and then some. To be clear, I’m not referring to the drug scene when I say “new Amsterdam”,  although it definitely exists and has its own sub-culture but rather the art, the culture, street performers and the eclectic groups of people you find walking the streets. Prague was like heaven after spending a full month in Southeast Asia, all the comforts of home and all the mystery and excitement of exploring a new city.

We don’t really drink as much as we used to and prefer to trade in the late nights for early mornings these days but since we stayed in the spare bedroom of a college kid’s apartment (a la Airbnb) we were able to live vicariously through all his shenanigans including the house parties, electronic dance music, and can’t forget the many co-eds he brought home each night/morning.

Prague is the type of city where you can just walk around and have a good time exploring.

The city has so much character and variety that it is difficult to get bored, or at least for the ten days we were there. Highly recommend the John Lennon wall and good luck finding it but its worth the hassle we promise. Praha definitely left a mark on us, can’t wait until the next time we find ourselves in our other favorite CR, Czech Republic.