One bed or two?

One bed or two?



When you are at a standard hotel and the front desk asks, one bed or two? What do you say?

It’s probably a deal-breaker unless you’re traveling with a friend that one would say “two” but let me tell you that we do now.  Here are five reasons for this being one of the best decision when you’re traveling.

  1. If you want to be on one bed for a little enjoyment, you still have another bed you didn’t mess up. Come on, you know you thought of this one.
  2. The room is usually bigger when two beds are included. More room = more space for you and yours.
  3. You have an extra bed to throw your clothes, toiletries, and person items. This is a necessity when you shop on your trips and have nowhere to put your goods.
  4. You can pretend you’re in college and you’re having a sleepover.  Sounds crazy but there were some nights while traveling that we opted for our own beds to stretch out in. Perhaps sometimes good for relationships?  Especially when you’re with your significant other 24/7.  Ever see the episode on King of Queens? It’s great to have a little personal space.
  5. Twice as many clean sheets and pillows! Ok, moreso for the extra pillows but when you travel out-of-the-country you realize many other destinations do not enjoy a good fluffy bed full of pillows. How can just one ever be enough?

Next time, trust us from experience, opt for two beds.