We’re Stephanie and Dan Fleming. Awesome apart, even better together. You can call us STAN.  


In 2015, we got married, quit our day jobs, and started building our parachute.

Maybe it was the full month away from our careers that allowed us to think freely, or maybe it was the culmination of so many “what if” talks where we fantasized about a life of travel and adventure. Maybe a fairy sprinkled magical dust on us while we were honeymooning in Africa or maybe we inhaled toxic chemicals while renovating our basement, who knows, but whatever it was changed our lives forever. The priority was our marriage and creating a solid foundation to build off of, to push each other to be the best we can be. We had a solid financial plan, at least 12 months of freedom, so we set a date and put the house on the market.

3 months later and we we’re on a one way trip halfway around the world without a hotel booked or a return ticket and 6 months and 23 countries later we just signed a lease in Costa Rica to build our travel business.

This is our journey. We are on a mission to create the lives we want and instead what others expect. If we can inspire one person to make a positive change in their lives or even just take a trip they’ve always dreamed about, we have succeeded.

Follow along as we share our journey!