Hello! I’m Stephanie – the CEO of organization, picture-taking and supplier of smiles for team #Stan.

I’ve come a long way since the days of oversized designer handbags and when my idea of “traveling” was visiting my grandparents in California. I’ve always been a Chicago girl and with that I finished all three college degrees where my heart seemingly resided. My core passion is teaching ESL to students from all across the world!

Along with my husband’s wonderfully-whacky ideas and my passion to feed off my student’s worldly personalities, I packed my bags and put my life in my husband’s hands!

Fast forward six months, and I am a full-blown travel junkie looking to find new opportunities and ways to fulfill my deep affection for all things globetrotting. I’ve come to the realization that traveling with your significant other is pretty darn magical and our memories are going to last a lifetime (our pictures longer than that!) My new-found once-in-a-lifetime mentality perfectly pairs with my adventure-seeker other half and we can’t wait to share our stories, travel tips, videos, and life with ya’ll!