Powering down

Powering down

Last night we had our first meet n’ greet with the rainy season here in Costa Rica.


Last time we visited we were in the midst of rainy season but we barely saw a few raindrops.  Let’s just say we thought our monkey-friends were tap dancing on our roof trying to bring down Casa de Stan!

We lost our power for three, twenty-minute spurts, just long enough to spoil our refrigerated goods.  Long enough to cut off the cool breeze we had going on.  Long enough to make us start profusely sweating through our clothes.  That was just an experience well, we needed to experience.  What we didn’t want to experience was not being prepared for the total darkness, hello we live in the rainforest!

Scattering to find a candle to light (without a scent of course, since they attract mosquitos!) was like a game of Marco Polo.  Even though we were both working on our computers, watching Netflix and cooking food, we didn’t let the lack of electricity get to us.  There was nothing we could do about it anyway so why freak out over nothing.

We did have our first #reallycostarica moment but hey, we laughed it off and filed under #nothingwecandoaboutit.

We spent the blackout talking. We spent it laughing about the bugs that could be crawling on us.  We spent it doing things we wouldn’t normally be doing at night.

What did we learn from this experience?  When life hands you obstacles that you can’t control, take that time to laugh it off and reflect on the good.  Oh, and to keep candles on deck at all times.