Pura Vida living: Costa Rica

Pura Vida living: Costa Rica


It’s hard to explain that the first place we traveled to, before 23 other destinations, was the one that made us feel the most at-home and somewhere we wanted to live one day.  It could be the fact that we met amazing life-long friends who have helped us tremendously while making our move, or the fact that learning Spanish is much easier than it is to learn German. Or maybe its the proximity to home since it’s only a five-hour plane ride instead of twenty-four hours.  Whatever the reason is, we adore Costa Rica and all of the wonderful places it has to visit.

Although we moved to a beach town in the middle of the mountains, Costa Rica has all types of climates and atmospheres to accommodate most people.  For instance, Monte Verde, which is where you will see unreal Cloud Forests, is located high up in the mountains and is usually chillier in temperature.  Although you can still find typical food (Costa Rican food) you can also find many other types of restaurants and shops.  La Fortuna, home of the Arenal Volcano, is located in a more modest town, with temperatures closer to San Jose, which is a bit cooler as well (the largest city and hub in Costa Rica).  On the Caribbean and Pacific side alike, you will find local flavors and similar hot, tropical climate.  There really is a climate for everyone, although Costa Rica does not have distinct four-seasons year like back at home, there are shifts in the weather that make more days tolerable against the heat.

Costa Rica also has a plethora of activities for everyone, including large families.  From adventurous activities to nature hikes in the jaw-dropping National Parks, Costa Rica holds it’s own.  Our favorite local activities include hiking just about everything, kayaking, enjoying the sun and beach days and visiting our weekly farmer’s market to buy obscene amounts of tropical fruits that we do not have in the states.  I forgot to mention our favorite Costa Rican tradition, living the Pura Vida lifestyle. (read: pure life)



As we call Costa Rica our new home, we will blog about some troubles and milestones we find along the way.  Stay tuned for more on Costa Rica and everything this wonderful country has to offer!