The former Kingdom of Siam: Thailand

The former Kingdom of Siam: Thailand

Another one of #Stan’s top bucket list destination, we visited Thailand after our time in Japan.  Stephanie was especially looking forward to our visit because she taught many Thai students that gave her the inside scoop on things to do and places to see.

Thailand was everything we expected from the Thailand books we picked up from Barnes and Noble.  The culture. The beaches. The people; very friendly and yet hard to understand and communicate with.  Even simple tasks such as trying to hail a cab took extra time and patience.

Thailand is one of the cheaper places we visited.  When we say cheap, we do mean cheap!  It would be almost impossible to spend $100 dollars a day.  Plates of pad thai big enough to share with two others cost around $3.00.  Most of the Airbnb’s we stayed at would be considered million-dollar-plus in the states.  They were luxury at its finest, not one of them would ever be considered anything less than 5-star accommodations.  And none of the places we stayed exceeded $40.00 a night.  We were mind-blown.

We would also have to mention the massages, that we received once-a-day every day we were there.  How could we not?  Massages ranged from $3.00 to $9.00 an hour and they were some of the best massages we have ever had.  Sure, some of them made us extremely sore, but hey, that’s a Thai massage for you.  If you’ve never received one, it would be in your best interest to tell you masseuse beforehand that you’d like a medium to soft massage.  Trust us on that.

Bangkok was a lot nicer than we anticipated.  From every movie we’ve watched, Bangkok is pegged as somewhat dirty, grungy, unsafe and full of bugs.  Not true.  Upscale buildings and full-of-life,   We spent most of our time navigating through horrendous traffic on a motor bike next to motorbike gangs of people who we tried to blend in with.

However, when we did take a cab, we made the mistake of trusting a cab driver to take us to the market for some souvenirs.  We thought our communication was on-point but realized that he took us to an animal market; not something I’d recommend to an animal lover of any kind.  They had squirrels on leashes, foxes for sale, and every type of exotic animals for sale in tiny cages.  We were lost in this market for a good hour when we finally found a way out.  An experience I would not wish on anyone but an experience none-the-less.  That is when we realized there was some truth to Bangkok, it just happened to be out of the downtown district.

There was so much to do in Bangkok that we opted for a ping pong show or a Mui Thai boxing fight.

After googling what a ping pong show was, we decided to go the Thai boxing route.

(google it to see for yourself) The boxing match was an experience we’d never forget, we stood with the locals while they threw up random finger-betting signs to their bookies and screamed with the best of them.  Although our fighter didn’t win, we left with an extreme appreciation for these trained fighters.

After our visits to Chang Mai, Bangkok and the surrounding areas, we took a flight to the islands.  Krabi island was were we stayed but we took private day trips to the incredible, surrounding islands.  A day trip with a private tour guide and boat would cost you a whopping $40.00 and worth every penny.  Although most of the guides did not speak any English, it was easy for us to navigate where we wanted to go.  Our private guide spent the day enjoying our music, cutting up some killer fruit in the shape of popsicles (with a single knife), and taking us to picturesque beaches where they filmed movies like The Beach and James Bond OO7.


Thailand was unlike any other place we visited and our experience were amazing.  Sure, we did have some cultural shock and obstacles, but that’s what you get when you travel on a whim; and we wouldn’t have it any other way.