The reality of couple traveling

The reality of couple traveling

Many of us have done it.  Gone on a trip with someone you are head-over-heels in lust with and POW, like someone kicked you in the back of the neck with a spiked shoe, the trip turned your too-good-to-be-true partnership into a wash.  Why?

Traveling is indeed a stressful situation.  Putting yourself and your vulnerability out there with someone who is doing the same makes it double hard.  Emotions run rapid and your inner Ursula makes an appearance when you least expect it.  There ya have it folks, a nightmare waiting to happen.

But, let me tell you that there are some incredible relationship-building and memories that come along with traveling with your partner, not to mention many other ways to make your relationships stronger.  We’ve gone through all of the ups and downs and these are a few awesome realities we came across!

The good, the bad, the ugly

The honeymoon is over, my friends.  When you are stuck in a Spanish-speaking home in a Peruvian town of twenty without hot water or a shower for more than three days.  The ugly is there.  When you are fighting over the last pair of clean socks? Ugly.

Of course, you’re always going to think of your partner as someone who looks like a movie star when they wake up but, come on now, you’re going to have some really ugly days together.  It’s moments like those when you realize a freak out isn’t the best for your team and it’s easier to let it go rather than bringing two people down for the price of one.  You learn to love each other anyway and pick up each other just a little now and again.

You learn to build and problem solve as a unit

 There is no “I” in traveling with your partner; only “we”.  I take full credit for being one to always throw out the dreadful “I”.  On the other hand, I have a husband who always puts “us” before the I.  This reminds me of many times when we were frustrated on our travels.  I wouldn’t be able to hook up the apple TV or the internet would go out.  I had to learn to work as a unit with my husband and now when life hands us lemons, we truly do make lemonade. But together.

Your stories are each other’s stories

A few nights before we left for Costa Rica, we were with a group of our friends and I overhead Dan telling a hilarious story about him being admitted to a Japanese hospital on our travels. (Sure, hilarious now but far from at the time.)  Without hesitation, I entered the conversation by laughing uncontrollably because I knew what Dan was going to say next.  It was then when I realized his thoughts have become my thoughts.  His and my stories are our stories that we can share together.  We have even learned to finish each other’s sentences – so not cute but hilarious to us.  This is what happens when you travel with your partner, and it’s something I wouldn’t give up for anything in the world.

You couldn’t imagine your travel partner not there

About a month ago, Dan took a business trip to San Fran and ended up having to jet over to Vegas for a death in the family.  Normally, the five hours of traveling would of been a breeze for him but it was the first time he was traveling without me.  He admitted it was the little things I do for him when traveling that he truly missed.

When we were home recharging our travel batteries, we found ourselves texting each other things we didn’t experience together.  A sign on the road, a hilarious comment someone made; we were so used to experience those things together.  Life is just so much better when you have someone to share it with.

 Materialistic items come and go, but memories last forever

 If you talked to me two years ago, I’d be the first to tell you that most of my money went to materialistic things. I am a purse junkie. I am lover of all home design items (shout out to Home Goods).  Target. (need I say more?) but I have come a long way since those days.  I know that you can buy items and they are a temporary fix for happiness.  I also know that months later you may even forget what you spent your last few paychecks on. I have been there.  I can tell you from personal experience that no amount of money can pay for memories.  No one can ever steal your memories away from you and you will never forget your travel experiences.  If you’ve learned anything from this post I would hope it would be to keep creating memories with your family, loved ones, partner – they are shinier and more expensive than any diamond in the world.